Yes, U B A D J.  Or translated, You Be A DJ.  This is a special fun ad package where you get to “Do a break and talk over a song”  (DJ lingo!).  You will record an 8 to 12 second voice track that will play over the introduction of a song, just like the DJ’s do.  No other commercials.  Just you giving your 8 to 12 second pitch over the intro of a song.   Here are the details:

  • Your  U B A D J breaks will run at least every four hours.
  • That’s a minimum of at least 6 times per day EVERYDAY for a month
  • Do the math:  That’s at least 168 times a month
  • And it’s only $99 for a month
  • Want more than one month?  Just select the number of months you want below.