Text Promotional


Our Text Promotional program offers clients the ability to promote their products or services with text keyword responders.

Here’s how it works:

  • 636-922-4444 is our special long-code text number.
  • Q6 will set up a text keyword that is associated with your business.
  • When someone texts that keyword to 636-922-4444 they will automatically receive a text response.
  • The text keyword response can be a simple message.
  • The text keyword response can be a special offer or coupon.
  • The text keyword response can contain a phone number that can be dialed by simply touching the number displayed in the text.
  • When a phone number is included in the body of the text the system will automatically put a “CB#:XXX-XXX-XXXX” at the end of the text to make it easier for your customers to call you.
  • The text keyword response can contain a web address to your home page or a special page created just for text keyword responses.   The user simply touches the URL contained in the text and they are connected to that web address.

Here’s what you get on a monthly basis.

  • 6 fifteen second ads per day promoting your business and your text keyword.
  • That’s a total of at least 168 ads per month depending on the number of days in the month
  • Your own customized text message which can include several of the following (limit is 160 characters)
    • Your phone number that will dial directly from most smartphones.
    • Your web address which will connect directly on most smart phones.
    • special offers or coupons
    • Links to videos
    • Links to coupon pages
    • Links to landing pages or “hidden page” special offers.
    • All this for only $199 per month.

We have also created a website to further promote each client.   The website is 9224444.com.   Every Text Promotional advertiser will also have a page on the 9224444.com site to further promote their business with additional business details, maps, special offers and videos.

For more information contact Brad Hildebrand at 636-922-3333 or e-mail Brad@KSLQ.co (a dot “CO” not dot “com”)