Mondays For A Month


Q Days are our best advertising value.   Your ads will run from 6 AM until 12 Midnight on the day or days that you select.  You can buy up to 12 ads per day.

The more ads you buy on any given day the better your rotation will be.   Our scheduling software will give you good rotation throughout the day.   Your ads will be spaced at least an hour apart.   If you buy 12 Q Days ads on a given day your ads will start in either the 6 AM or 7 AM hour and run about every 70 to 90 minutes apart.

Q Days Mondays are just $2 for each 30 second ad.  This package is for 12 ads per day on four consecutive Tuesdays.   You’ll receive a total of 48 ads over the course of 28 days for a total of only $96

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