KSLQ and Westplex 107.1 RDS Display Ads


This is a special ad package for the screen display (RDS) message to appear on car and home radios for both KSLQ and Westplex 107.1

  • Your message of up to 128 characters will be shown on car and home radio digital displays*
  • The message will constantly appear 24 hours a day
  • You will also receive 6 fifteen second ads per day promoting your business on both KSLQ and Westplex 107.1
  • This is a monthly package and is exclusive to only one advertiser at a time on both KSLQ and Westplex 107.1

*Please note that 128 characters includes spaces.  It’s suggested that less than 70 characters be used since the message will be scrolled and it may be harder to understand the entire message if all 128 characters are used.

CLICK HERE for an explanation of how the RDS system works and what to expect.