Ticketed Event Revenue Share

Most ticketed events are promoted and advertised using paid media.   The promoter of the event typically negotiates a deal with radio, TV, newspapers, outdoor, digital, and/or social media and buys a certain amount of advertising to promote their event.  This traditional method requires the promoter to take a risk on choosing which paid media to use and how much to spend making it difficult to quantify the advertising’s effectiveness.

We’re offering a different marketing strategy.  A strategy that guarantees a positive return on investment because the promoter only pays for results.    The promoter pays nothing upfront for advertising and promotion.  You only pay for performance from our advertising and promotional efforts through ticket sales that we generate which guarantees you a positive return on investment.

Here’s how it works:

  • We mutually agree to provide a certain minimum level of advertising and promotion for your event.
  • We promote your event on KSLQ as well as our digital and social media platforms.
  • Each radio ad and digital ad that we run will contain a call-to-action message for ticket sales featuring a unique web address that we provide.
  • That unique web address will link to either:
    • A link to our special AdmitPass.com website
    • A hidden ticket sales page on your website
    • An affiliate enabled web portal on your web site.
    • An affiliate enabled web portal on a ticket sales company such as TicketMaster
    • A third party ticket sales company such as EventBrite
    • A custom e-commerce web site that we would mutually operate
  • We would receive a commission or a per-transaction fee on each ticket that was sold through our advertising and promotional efforts.

This turns the advertising risk-reward ratio around to favor you.   Since you don’t pay for any of our advertising and promotion you get the benefit of our efforts for free unless we sell some tickets.   And you pay us only for ticket sales that are directly linked to our efforts.

We take on all the risk of promoting your event.   And you reap the rewards of our advertising and promotion only if we perform.

For more information please contact Brad Hildebrand 636-922-3333 or e-mail Brad@KSLQ.co (that’s a do “co” and not a dot “com”)