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Our Goal Is to Make Marketing Your Business EASY and AFFORDABLE!

The History

The KSLQ Ad store started out as an experiment over 10 years ago.  That’s when buying things on the internet was just starting to gain traction.  Remember back then Amazon sold mostly books?  Ancient history!  We decided to try to sell radio advertising online.  We put a few small ad packages on an eBay page, and people actually bought them!
Today the KSLQ Ad Store is all about making it easy to advertise, promote and market your business with radio.  We’re still more than willing to talk to you on the phone or meet you in person to discuss your advertising goals.  But if you’re like the growing number of people who are comfortable purchasing products and services online, the KSLQ Ad Store is for you!

Answers to Your Questions

How does this work?

It’s simple.  Look through the packages and find one that fits your needs.   Buy the package.  Once you buy we’re notified immediately and we will get in touch with you to get your ad on the air.

Do I need a produced radio ad?

No!   We will work with you on producing an ad.   There’s no additional charge for writing and producing your ad unless you need a specific talent to voice the spot or a special music track.

Can I use a radio ad that I already have?

Sure!  Or you can produce your own ad or have someone do it for you.  If the ad was done by another radio station we ask that you get permission from that station to use the ad on KSLQ.  Most stations will agree to this but we always want to make sure.

How quick can I get my ad on the air?

If you already have a produced ad that you can send us we can normally get your ad on the air within 24 hours after you make your purchase here on the KSLQ ad store.  We’ve even been able to get some ads on the air the same day if you make your purchase in the morning.   If we need to write and produce your ad we can normally get you on the air with 48 hours after your purchase.

How do I know my ads are running?

What, you don’t trust us?  Just kidding.  We can provide affidavits that show the day and the times the ads ran.  If you’re using your radio ads as part of a coop advertising program we can provide you with all the paperwork that is required to receive your coop refund or credit.

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